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Review Zolder Thursday Race

A very good race for Bruno, after an 11th place during qualifying he won 4 places during the start.

After 70% of the race Bruno was coming closer to Gerard Vandersluis. But Bruno's left front tyre lost pressure at 3 laps of the end of the race and the third gear broke. He lost his 4th place in his class and the 7th place overall. Bruno finished 10th place.

Bruno, how do you feel after this race?

"Knowing a better result was possible is annoying but I am happy with this result. I managed a lap of 1.54.054 during the race and almost a 6th place, I enjoyed the race. I would like to thank all the team!"

24 Jul 2007

Preview Zolder Thursday race

Bruno will race during the second meeting of the belcar sprint cup championship at the race track of Zolder next Thursday, the 12th of July.

How did you prepare this race Bruno? "We did not have enough time for some training practices due to the broken engine we encountered during the first meeting but everything was ready to race on sunday, we hope to reach a top 7 place this time. I would like to thank all the team and my father, he spent a lot of time to prepare the race car!"

See you in Zolder!

10 Jul 2007

Review Zolder Truck Grand Prix

A long night for Bruno and his team but a good result after the problems they encountered during the Timed practices.

Bruno: "The team did a great job! As a result, the car was ready for the race on Sunday where I finished 11th place and 1st place rookie! Many thanks to our partners for their support! BRV Racing is looking forward to the rest of the season!"

20 May 2007

Free and Timed Practices Zolder Truck Grand Prix

Bruno managed a lap of 1:54.000 during this practice.

After 3 laps, during his timed practice, Bruno encountered a mechanical problem. He managed a qualifying lap of 2:00.011. Bruno decided to change some parts on the car in order to start the race Sunday at 17h30 but it will be a long night for him.

See you on track!

19 May 2007

Preview Zolder Truck Grand Prix

Bruno will race, in the sprinters cup, during the Truck Grand Prix (19-20 may) weekend at circuit zolder.

Bruno, a word about upcoming season?

"It will be all new for me, the car has been changed a lot and I hope to finish in the top 5 ranking but it will be difficult to beat other fast drivers in this championship."

Bruno continues...

"It has been a long winter period, the car is just ready to race. But I was waiting for the start of the season."

If you would like to win invitations for the first meeting, e-mail to info[at] (replace [at] by @) and give a correct answer to the question below!

At which place did Bruno finish last race in the rookie challenge?

Thanks everybody,

16 May 2007

Start number 46 for Bruno!

Today, Bruno received his start number for the Belcar Sprint Cup. The yellow Golf 2 with number 6 will start this season during the weekend of the Truck Grand Prix event at circuit Zolder.

24 Apr 2007

Alpha Solar Security

We are proud to present our new partner Alpha Solar Security! More information about their activities can be found on!

19 Apr 2007


Bruno's golf 2 has been approved for Belcar Sprint Cup and Endurance Cup 2007 during the scrutineering at circuit Zolder.

10 Mar 2007

Van Reeth Tankstations nv

We are proud to announce the new partnership we have with Van Reeth Tankstations nv for the 2007 season. More info about Van Reeth Tankstations nv can be found on their homepage!

07 Mar 2007

BRV-Dinner at Il Cristal

BRV-Racing presents the BRV-Dinner 07! This will take place on saturday 24/02/07. Dinner and Press Release 07. Everybody welcome!

15 Jan 2007

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