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Partners 2008

Renault Garage Van Bever, located in Sterrebeek, and Bruno came to an agreement concerning the 2008 season. We would like to thank Garage Van Bever and welcome them as our new partner! Furthermore we are happy to welcome NV Van Maele, Renault Jacobs and Bloemenatelier Lotus BVBA.

27 Feb 2008

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our partners, friends and fans,... !

23 Dec 2007

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Review 10 hours of Zolder - great result!

"Yes, I am very happy, I did everything expected by my father, the team and my sponsors. It was raining in the morning, the weather I was hoping for. During qualifying I was as quick as a rocket with a lap-time of 02.09.373. This was good for the 3th place on the grid behind Kevers Tony (VW Golf) and Harry Peeters (Mini Cooper). Behind me Pascal Struijf took the 4th place with his Lotus Elise.

I had a good start, after the first turn I was in second position. Then I overtook Tony Kevers after the 4th turn to lead the race. This was a great feeling. After leading the race for 2 laps I made a mistake and regressed to 4th position. Mini Cooper driver H. Peeters came back too fast and took my 4th place. With a 5th place overall and a 3th place in my class I had a good race to end current season!

In the championship I finished 3th in my class and 6th in the overall standings, really good!

Many thanks to all my partners, team, friends, family and especially my father!" said Bruno after the race.

11 Nov 2007

Preview 10 hours of Zolder (10th November 2007)

The last meeting of the Belcar Sprint Cup and Endurance Cup of the season will take place next weekend at circuit Zolder.

Bruno is looking forward to achieve a good result in both categories during this event: "I am ready for it! In the Sprint Cup I already won the Rookie championship. In my class (2 liter) I am currently on a 4th place and with a good result I still have possibilities to finish 3rd place. Maybe I can finish 5th or even 4th place in the general standings too.

05 Nov 2007

Review Great performance of Bruno at Francorchampagne!

"I am very happy, I drove an 11th qualification time in the BSC on Friday. After a great start in the race (4th place on the top of the Raidillon) I drove behind J. Van Hoover in his Mini Cooper S. I pushed a bit more in order to come back right behind J. Van Hoover at half race because I lost contact by overtaking slower cars. The last two laps where full of suspense, the lotus Elise of Pascal Struyf came back quickly on slick tyres. I made some errors but was able to control myself and kept the 4th place overall and the 2nd place in the class. I am in 5th position for the championship title now, 2 points behind the 4th position in the class." Said Bruno.

What happened in the BEC?

"A 32nd time during qualifying. Gert Vandenbroeck started the race and lost some places, but he came back to the 33rd position. After one hour it was my turn to take over and I was able to drive a 2.55.867 laptime but then we had a problem, the fuel pipe disconnected from the fuel pump and the race was over."

Many thanks to the team, partners for making this project possible!

03 Oct 2007

Preview Spa-Francorchampagne

“We are progressing race after race, I hope to reach a top 7 place overall in the BSC standings and a top 5 in my class. A win in the Rookie challenge next race will give me the championship title in this challenge!” says an enthusiastic Bruno.

Concerning the BEC Bruno hopes to reach a top 20 position overall and why not the first place in the class! A good result can be reached in the Junior and Welcome challenge too.

Many thanks to all our partners and the team!

27 Sep 2007

New partner H-J's RanchHouse bvba

We would like to welcome and thank our new partner H-J's RanchHouse bvba!

H-J's RanchHouse, the only authentic American Style restaurant around. Located in the heart of Zaventem, just 2 minutes away from Brussels Airport.

More info:

19 Sep 2007

Review 24 Hours of Zolder Endurance & Sprint Cup

Two fantastic races at Circuit Zolder!

Bruno, a comment about last weekend: "I was really happy, in the Sprint Cup I started from the 13th place and finished 7th place overall.

During the start I won 5 places, then fighting for the 6th place with Danny Werckx. When he lost the control of his car in the first left corner I moved to the 6th place. Due to some errors on my side the Integra driver Gerard VanderSluis came back and I lost my 6th place.

In my class I finished 5th place and became first rookie again. I am leading the rookie championship for the moment!

Endurance Cup:

Gert Vandenbroeck started in the Endurance Cup, he drove a good first part of the race and entered the pitlane in 26th position overall and 5th in the class.

Now it was my turn to win some extra places. The team gave me the signal to push because the 4th place in the class was only 24 seconds away. After taking the 4th place I drove normal lap times again.

Now 3rd place was only 23 seconds away so I pushed again a few laps later, driving 1.52.369 with that car was already fast, I took the 3th place but I was only 18 seconds behind the driver in 2nd place at 11 laps from the end of the race!

I was pushing the car to the limit to win an extra position (2nd) at 6 laps from the end. In the overall standings we came back to the 20th place.

I would like to thank everybody from the team and all our partners for this fantastic weekend!"

10 Sep 2007

Preview 24H of Zolder Sprinters cup & Endurance

Bruno will take part in the Belcar Endurance and Sprinters cup next weekend with a Renault Clio and his VW Golf.

Bruno, you will drive the Sprinters cup and Endurance race, a comment about next 2 races?

"We had 2 very good races in the Sprinters cup yet with a bit of bad luck, so we hope it will be better than last time, it would be great if I can reach a top 6 position! The Endurance race will be my first race in this category, so I don't really know what to expect about it, I hope to have a nice and fast race to help the team and the sponsors!"

You're not taking part in the 24H of Zolder, explain us why?

"We put a lot of energy and money in the Golf this year and we are building a new race car too, as you know racing is quite expensive, together with our partners we decided to drive an Endurance race and to wait one more year to drive the 24H of Zolder, I really hope to be present next year in the 24H race!"

Bruno invites everyone to be present and gives away 2 tickets for the 24H of zolder to the first one answering next question correctly: "What was Bruno's best lap time during the Belcar Thursday race?"

04 Sep 2007

Bruno in Belcar Endurance Cup

Bruno will start in the Belcar Endurance Cup race taking place within the framework of the 24 Hours of Zolder. The car is the Renault Clio driven by Gert Van den Broeck.

Bruno will also take part in the Sprint Cup race.

More info soon in our preview!

16 Aug 2007

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